Hemoglobinopathies Pattern among Anemic Patients


Background: Hemoglobinopathies are common genetic disorders of haemoglobin, which can
be prevented by population screening and offering genetic counseling. The study was aimed
to assess the electrophoretic pattern of structural hemoglobin variants and thalassemias
among high suspicion cases of anemia.

Material & Method: This cross-sectional study was conducted in clinical biochemistry
laboratory of Gandhi Medical College and Hospital during the period of September 2011 –
July 2013. The anaemic cases admitted in the inpatient wards of paediatrics, obstetrics and
gynaecology, medicine, surgery, orthopaedics based on clinical suspicion, family history,
peripheral blood picture, blood indices were screened..
Result: In the present study analysis of data showed out of 123 cases, 39 cases are positive for
hemoglobinopathies. 2 cases were inconclusive. Prevalence rate in the present study is 32.2
% Highest positivity rate for sickle cell disease 38.46% has been reported followed by 
thalassemia major 17.95%, sickle  thalassemia 15.38%. On analyzing the sex ratio it was
observed that 28 % of males and 34.2 % of females were positive for hemoglobinopathies
and thalassemias. Female preponderance has been documented. Highest incidence has been
reported in the age group 0-15yrs.

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