Yeh Diwali DNA-wali

“Let The Light Of Knowledge Drive Away The Darkness Within”

Contemporary Turkish playwright and novelist, Mehmet Murat ildan once said, “The most precious light is the one that visits you in your darkest hour”.These lines strike an emotional note as the Indian Diasporas enters into one of its favourite and most eagerly anticipated festive seasons, Diwali. This is one festival that everyone awaits with child-like glee, isn’t it? The festival of lights, as it is often called, proudly stands as one of India’s biggest celebrations, where households and neighbourhoods are decorated with fairy lights, earthen lamps and candles on a fourth-quarter’s moonless night. The modern-day culture, I feel, has become a bit homogeneous as it is seen by many a youth as passage of time of cheerfulness and conspicuous consumption. On a traditional front, Diwali is celebrated in its own unique way across the length and breadth of our country. To the uninitiated, Diwali has a great story around itself – On a dark moonless night, Lord Rama returned home with his wife Sita after dispelling the erstwhile king of Ayodhya after an expulsion from the mainland for 14 long years. The whole kingdom rejoice and lit lamps to celebrate the beginning of happier days ahead. It was believed in the earlier times that the oil lamp we ignite during Diwali along with the chemicals that come out would kill the bacteria. The effect was believed to get multiplied to several times when hundreds of diyas were lit around us. An interesting story around this is that the light of diya covers the magnetic field around our superficial electromagnetic flux. This phenomenon will activate our blood cells and the immunity we get from the cells will make us feel energetic and full of life. That is the reason, homes during Diwali are kept clean and lamps are lit aplenty to ensure a safe atmosphere around all of us. 

The story unfolds in its own frames and shots across longitudes and latitudes of our country, but that’s just a small portion of underlying beauty beneath those celebratory sweets and crackers of this festive season. There’s much more to it than what we actually see. Also, Diwali as a festival escorts in a period of euphoria – a time to dwell in the company of our loved ones and satiate our palates with the culinary delicacies of the event. It is also a time to; gaze upon our childish wonderments, akin to the blistering fireworks that decorate the night skies into a prism of innumerable colours. Talking about fireworks, diyas and the fairy lights – I can’t help but think of light not being just a superficial, external thing; Diwali is incomplete without addressing the true light – the light of knowledge, the light within, which we ought to celebrate.

True knowledge, is much like lighting up a torch into the dark if only to illuminate our path towards peace and enlightenment. It is an education that strengthens individuals and helps them overcome their weaknesses. Knowledge is a powerful tool which displaces fear, to bring in mental peace – thereby, prepping us for what the future holds. Knowledge that wipes away the darkness of ignorance and makes our lives joyful. In short, the knowledge within will help us understand more about ourselves and plan towards leading a healthy life ahead. Among all the knowledge and wisdom acquired from various sources, knowledge about SELF is paramount and remains pivotal in the growth and development of an individual. Such knowledge comes from our DNA. Our genetic material remains central to everything and tells a personalized story about ourselves. Our DNA is unique and it remains constant throughout our lifetime. Every one of us is built differently from others. We are unique. We are genetically, molecularly, metabolically and nutritionally unique from every one of us. 

Although it is universally recommended that everyone must switch to healthy habits for ensuring a better tomorrow, knowing yourself i.e., reading your DNA story will illuminate the right path towards optimising your health and prepare yourself for a disease-free life ahead. Knowing our DNA, the biological entity that is a part of us will give us a clear picture of the diet/exercise best suited for our body, the right lifestyle to reduce disease risk, optimal drugs for therapy, and so much more. 

How Can Mapmygenome Help you: 

At Mapmygenome, our focus is mainly on predictive risk assessment, maintaining a proper diet, adapting to a healthier lifestyle. A comprehensive wellness assessment like Genomepatri will give an insight into the weaknesses of your immunity, genetic predisposition to specific health conditions, drug efficiency and helps in pre-empting most of these risks. In short, Genomepatri as a scientific tool is an once-in-a-lifetime, painless, simple saliva-based test that scans your DNA for variations which give you insights into how you’re built, right down to the molecular level. The ethnicity and demographics of an individual play a huge role in this interpreting the test results. Genetic counselling is therefore recommended to obtain authenticated reviewing and recommending testing/screening options, diet/lifestyle interventions and educational and emotional support.

Genomepatri reiterates the importance of not following the crowd but forging a unique way of leading quality life. It is personalized, predictive, participatory, preventive, and POWERFUL!!!

This Diwali, tap into your genes to know the real ‘YOU’ through Genomepatri and find the best-suited route for yourself. This Diwali, light the fire within to illuminate the path towards a healthier, fitter version of YOU. This Diwali, invest in YOU. 

Disclaimer: The information provided here is not exhaustive by any means. Always consult your doctor or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition, procedure, or treatment, whether it is a prescription medication, over-the-counter drug, vitamin, supplement, or herbal alternative.