Say No To Tobacco: Hard Yes, Impossible No!

May 31, 2017


Girl confused

To Smoke Or Not To Smoke?

My friends keep pressurizing me to smoke. Should I give in to peer pressure?

At home too, there is no discouragement against tobacco – my father is a chain smoker and grandma losses her cool when there is no “thambaku”. I’m already worried about the impact of passive smoking. Nicotine dependence may be in my genes, inherited from generations of tobacco users, but is it possible to say no to smoking?

I do understand that smoking is portrayed as glamorous in modern culture. But so are many other things that would make me think a million times before making them part of my life.

Let me find out what others have to say…


Why Crave?

My father, when confronted or questioned about the habit, always gets defensive. He talks about the constant craving, and how a cigarette can satisfy this craving while making him feel euphoric. Once the effect wears off, he is longing for more. Whenever he tries to quit smoking, there are the withdrawal symptoms – anxiety/restlessness, craving for nicotine, disturbed sleep, headaches, and depression.

The good feelings and stress relief associated with smoking can be attributed to nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in areas of cognitive function – they release neurotransmitters that produce the smoking euphoria.

Nicotine craving


Nicotine poisons

 Not My Poison

My sister, who studies chemistry, gave a never-ending list of some of the  poisonous chemicals present – nicotine, hydrogen cyanide, DDT, arsenic, carbon monoxide, vinyl chloride,  methoprene, tar, ammonia, sulfuric acid, acetone, formaldehyde, among others.


A Taste of Death

My mom says that a puff of tobacco smoke is like a taste of death. It starts slowly – a social norm, a habit, addiction, and then the there are the health issues.

One habit impacts so many systems – liver, lungs, heart, brain, kidneys, reproductive system, and more.



Taste of death


Tobacco burden

A Burden Too Heavy

My doctor was particularly worried about the burden of tobacco – to individuals and the environment. The negative health effects of prolonged exposure to tobacco smoke include increased risk of cancers, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, diabetes, infertility and impotence, and weakened senses.



Incentives To Say No

My doctor also suggested that I recommend reasons to quit smoking to my friends. Studies suggest that smoking cessation can reverse considerable amount of damage caused by the habit.

India’s pioneering genetic counsellor Pooja Ramchandran wrote about 10 cool reasons to quit smoking.

Resources are also available on smoking cessation tricks for those who plan to kick the habit.


Reasons to quit smoking


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I Decided To Say “No”!

It was an easy decision for me. It should be an easy decision for you, too!

Planning To Quit Tobacco?

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