Press Release: MapMyGenome announces collaboration with Food Darzee

Dec 19, 2022


MapMyGenomeTM has joined forces with prominent food and nutrition company Food Darzee with an aim to help people achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.

Fitness and diet are important factors of a healthy lifestyle. Hence, the partnership has been designed to provide dynamic, personalised health services with genomic testing and nutrition as two of the main ingredients. This could make it easier for people than ever to start making well-informed choices about their lifestyle, fitness, and diet by understanding their genetic makeup. 

The collaboration assumes significance as people are looking for personalised health guidelines to make healthy and mindful lifestyle choices.

Talking about the partnership, MapMyGenomeTM. CEO Anu Acharya said, “We are extremely thrilled about this partnership. As consumers get their food delivered to homes through Food Darzee, they also get to know how learning about your genes with MapMyGenome’s MyFitGeneTM helps in personalising their fitness and nutrition regime .”

“We are extremely excited about this collaboration with MapMyGenomeTM. With this combination, we aim to educate people on what is right for them and help them to take corrective measures to overcome their problems. We expect to tackle problems such as diabetes, PCOS, etc, and see great potential in this,” said Anirudh Ganeriwal, Co-Founder Food Darzee.

About MapmygenomeTM

MapMyGenome™ is India’s leading preventive genomics company that inspires people to be proactive about their health. Founded in 2013, Mapmygenome started with a vision to “Touch 100 million lives and save a million lives by 2030.”

The company offers personalized health solutions based on preventive genomic tests that help people understand their genetic selves. By combining genetic health profiles, health history, and genetic counseling, MapmygenomeTM helps individuals to prevent diseases, find the right medicines, and design nutritional plans. The test also enables individuals to discover their ethnic roots.

MapmygenomeTM’s workforce in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Delhi comprises biotechnologists, statisticians, geneticists, bioinformaticians, and medical counselors.

GenomepatriTM, MyFitGeneTM, MedicamapTM, MyNutriGeneTM, GynaecmapTM, CardiomapTM, etc. are some of the preventive genomics solutions MapmygenomeTM offers. The company has expertise in next-generation sequencing solutions like Whole Exome & Whole Genome Sequencing, Carrier Screening Tests,  BRCA tests, etc. MapMyGenomeTM also provides a wide range of diagnostic tests to cater to people of all age groups. 

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About Food Darzee

Food Darzee is a health and nutrition company that provides personalized meals on a subscription basis. Each customer is assigned a personal nutritionist who plans the meals and then the food is delivered exactly as per the plan. No dish is repeated for 4 weeks.

Food Darzee provides meals for Keto, Low Carb High Protein, Vegan and Balanced Diets. Was started by 4 partners; Anik Bhandari, Anirudh Ganeriwal, Devaj Jhunjhunwala and Siddhant Bhargava in June 2017 and is available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune. Food Darzee has served over 50,000 customers to date.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is not exhaustive by any means. Always consult your doctor or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition, procedure, or treatment, whether it is a prescription medication, over-the-counter drug, vitamin, supplement, or herbal alternative.