Press Release: Apollo Clinic To Offer DNA Health Tests

Jun 26, 2020


Hyderabad, June 27, 2020: Apollo Clinic joins hands with Mapmygenome® to launch genomics-based healthcare at its centres in India.

  • For the first time in India, patients have direct access to DNA-based tests.
  • These tests include screening for health and wellness, and ancestry testing.
  • Currently the tests are available at a discount of up to 60%.
  • Genomics-based healthcare is available to patients at all owned clinics and 10 society clinics.

Genomepatri™ (the name stands for ‘health horoscope’) is a master health test with 100+ reports on lifestyle disease, physiological traits, drug response and carrier status. A flagship product from Mapmygenome, it is the most comprehensive genetic assessment available for preventive screening. Genomepatri Lite is a specialized product with a focus on cardiology and oncology. It comes with 50 reports on heart health, metabolic traits, cancer risk (15 different types of cancer) and drug response (15 commonly prescribed statins, beta blockers, blood thinners and anti-diabetic agents). Genomepatri™ and Genomepatri Liteinclude genetic risk assessment of health risks which affect COVID severity and immunity, as well. With a database of 10000+ samples, Genomepatri Heritage is the first DNA ancestry test which offers ethnicity mapping for the Indian population.

The tests are powered by Mapmygenome, a pioneer in Indian genomics. All products are backed by 20 years of genomic research and validation in thousands of samples, including Indians. The tests can be done on buccal swab (noninvasive) or blood samples of the patients. 

These products enable early intervention, risk mitigation and better prevention, by identifying health risks and providing customised action plans. “The power of genomics increases many fold when it is utilized by doctors for enhanced patient care. We are glad this is happening now. This unique partnership comes at a crucial time when better prevention and personalized medicine is the need of the hour.” said Anu Acharya, CEO, Mapmygenome.

Speaking about this collaboration, Mr. Anand Wasker, COO, Apollo Clinic, said, “With Mapmygenome on board, Apollo Clinic has added an entirely new dimension to preventive healthcare. Our partnership will enable us to improve the quality of life for our patients even before they face any issues.”

About Mapmygenome

Mapmygenome® is India’s largest personal genomics company that encourages people to be proactive about their health. Mapmygenome offers personalized health solutions based on genetic tests that help people get to understand their genetic selves. By combining genetic health profiles, health history, and genetic counselling, Mapmygenome provides actionable steps for individuals to lead healthier lives.

Founded in 2013, Mapmygenome started as India’s pioneering Personal Genomics Company with a vision to “Touch 100 million lives and save a million lives by 2030.” Mapmygenome’s teams at Hyderabad, Delhi, & Mumbai comprise biotechnologists, statisticians, geneticists, bioinformaticians, and medical counsellors. Mapmygenome has analyzed thousands of samples from all over India and various countries and has provided personalized genetic reports that have been used in early detection of disease and increased quality of life.

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About Apollo Clinic

Apollo Clinic is a network of multi-specialty clinics run by Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited (AHLL), a subsidiary of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited (AHEL). AHLL is one of the largest players in the retail healthcare segment in India with over 180 clinics across 47 cities.

Each Apollo Clinic is committed to not only providing consistently superior quality health care services but also addressing the day-to-day health care needs of the family. To maximize convenience and comfort, Apollo Clinic is an integrated model and offers facilities for Specialist Consultation, Diagnostics, Preventive Health Checks and Pharmacy, all under one roof.

Apollo Clinic offer key specialties and super specialties, to ensure that no matter what the problem is, it can help you come out of it. With state-of-the-art facilities, expert physicians, and the best-in-class technology, as well as trained technicians and support staff, Apollo Clinic has an answer to any query. With branches across India, you can be assured that Apollo Clinic, the best clinic for consultation, will be there to help you, no matter where you go. For appointments call 18605007788 or log on to

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