Fitness Fundas: Is Life a Marathon?

Jul 24, 2015

The Big Picture comes from Little Things

Saroj and gang is special. Their group is the nicest thing to look at, in the entire park. Being on the constant lookout for like-minded people, I simply had to walk up to them and ask for pictures.

fitness everyday - the group enjoys exercising

They are friends who happen to live near each other and exercise every day.

fitness does not require gizmos

They are all in the fifth decade of their lives. They don’t mind spreading their yoga mats (or a plain towel) on the grass and doing their best stretches.

We read about people who have had endless trouble in their lives and saw it through. People who strived for fitness, had a fall and rose again. They didn’t win because they achieved every one of their goals. They won because they kept their heart’s desire alive and did what it takes to complete tasks, day after day.

fitness is its own reward

Life is like that – we cannot run the entire marathon at a stretch, perhaps. But we will still continue taking steps towards the finish line. Then, each and every one of us is a real winner.

The longer your journey turns out to be, the more memories you will make. In the beginning, it looks like a long, winding road full of obstacles, distractions, noise and your own fears. Spend no time in worrying about when you will reach your (fitness) goals. Invest all your available time (if possible, make some more) in building strength, flexibility and the right skills (in fitness and other spheres of life) and cross that seemingly long road in a single leap!

Seeing is believing. Why do we still forget to believe in our own strengths, then? Time to change perspective. I am no longer worried if I will complete the next 10K run or find myself breathless at the end. I know all of us will have a huge smile on our faces and promise to come back stronger. After all, we all know what matters the most- “hope”- for a better run next time.

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