DNAtix And Mapmygenome Partner To Advance Personalized Preventive Medicine

Aug 04, 2018

Partnership Brings New Anonymous and Encrypted Genome Sequencing and Genetic Services

RAMAT GAN, Israel & HYDERABAD, IndiaAug. 3, 2018PRLog — Tel Aviv, Israel – August 6, 2018 – Digital DNAtix Ltd., the blockchain genetics company, and Mapmygenome, a molecular diagnostics company, today announced their alliance to advance cutting-edge, personalized and preventive medicine using blockchain technologies. The DNAtix genetics ecosystem links individual users in search of genetically-based health and lifestyle solutions with products and services that fit their needs.  Mapmygenome offers a range of genetic tests and, as a provider on DNAtix’s growing genetic ecosystem, this collaboration will allow users to explore their genetic makeup in entirely new ways, with security and anonymity as a top priority.

“India is an important market for the use of DNAtix blockchain-based genetic services, based on population numbers alone. Mapmygenome is a major player in the field of genetics and this partnership opens up a tremendous opportunity to help more people really utilize genetic testing and research,” said Ofer A. Lidsky, CEO of DNAtix. “Anyone can anonymously upload partial and/or full genome sequences onto the DNAtix platform; and then have access to to their genomic data which they can use to make informed decisions.”

The DNAtix direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform provides full genome testing and access to services and solutions on the blockchain, and it allows researchers to use anonymous DNA stored on the DNAtix infrastructure to create tests, do research, and design new treatments.

Mapmygenome will use DNAtix’s breakthrough infrastructure and working D2C genetic platform to provide in-depth analysis of full genome sequences with the speed, security and anonymity of blockchain technology.

“We are quite excited about this partnership,” said Anu Acharya, CEO, Mapmygenome. “It opens doors to a much larger audience base, and adds another layer of security with the promise of blockchain in addition to our secure Lab Information Management Systems. By utilizing DNAtix’s blockchain-based platform for furthering the availability and accessibility to genomic services globally, we are taking yet another step towards empowering the masses with the promise of personal genomics – a doorway to preventive, predictive, personalized, precise medicine.”

ABOUT MAPMYGENOME1478dbc3-f0f6-4d2c-ac8c-b81a58c949d7

Mapmygenome™ is a molecular diagnostics company that encourages people to be proactive about their health. They offer personalized health solutions based on genetic tests that help people get to know themselves. By combining genetic health profiles, health history, and genetic counseling, Mapmygenome provides actionable steps for individuals and their physicians to take towards healthier lives. Mapmygenome™ is focused on preventive healthcare through the forming of healthy habits.  Their teams at Hyderabad & Delhi comprise biotechnologists, statisticians, geneticists, bioinformaticians, and medical counselors. They have technical expertise of 15+ years in the domain of genomics and big data, and their advisory panel comprises expert scientists and doctors. In order to enhance this innovative brand and to provide value-added services to customers, their highly-skilled research team works on cutting-edge technologies in various domains.



DNAtix is a cutting-edge genetics and blockchain company providing anonymous and encrypted genetic services including: analysis, storage, and transfer of digitized DNA sequences through a Direct-to Consumer platform (D2C). Application developers, computer engineers, and token miners will be able to work with genetics professionals to create new blockchain-based apps that will provide consumers with an array of genetics tests that could potentially change medicine as we know it.

The DNAtix genetics ecosystem is a place where consumers and the industry can meet to share genetic data in a more transparent, accessible, applicable and secured manner. With a first successful proof of concept already completed for transferring a DNA sequence over the Ethereum blockchain DNAtix is leading the world of Genetic blockchain.  www.dnatix.com

Source: You can read the Press Release here

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