Conversations with Anu Acharya, the poetry lover and entrepreneur in the field of genetics

Jun 14, 2014


At Conversations at YourStory, Anu Acharya chatted with one and all on her views on genetics, life, and entrepreneurship.

For the past four months now, Conversations at YourStory has been initiating weekly live chats with leading entrepreneurs, investors, and technologists. Some of the key people who have been a part of the initiative include Girish Mathrubootham, Mukesh Bansal, Shashank ND, and Ankur Singla.

The conversations have generally been centred on investments, funding, growth, company scale, and customer acquisitions, and today‘s conversation with Anu Acharya, Founder and CEO, Mapmygenome, was in much the same vein.

However, apart from discussing the industry, genetic science, and what Mapmygenome does, Anu was also open to talking about poetry, books, and IIT KGP.


The love for adventure sport and entrepreneurship
Anu’s second venture, Mapmygenome was started in 2013. Her entrepreneurial journey had begun 17 years prior, in 2000, when she got back to Hyderabad from Chicago. She founded a company, called Ocimum Bio Solutions, which helps scientist do their research.

So, on being asked about what got her into the world of entrepreneurship, Anu said,

“My love for adventure sports probably explains my genetic affinity towards a high-risk sport like entrepreneurship. While no one pushed me off the cliff of jobs, my conscience probably nudged me. It has been a while and I love it in the entrepreneurship valley.”


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